Monday, 20 July 2015

Combining Maths and Art

I've been trawling Pinterest for ways to integrate maths and art. There are so many great ideas out there! I've recently been doing a series of lessons on Patterns and Algebra with my Year 6 class. It can be quite addictive (I'm a bit of a number patterns freak). I introduced them to the Fibonacci sequence and let them go wild with it. They had a blast, especially when I said they could use calculators.

I also came across this great art activity, the Fibonacci Art Project
Using coloured card, lead pencils and protractors (a really difficult skill for most of them, it became a quite challenging activity), we created a set of 6 circles with a radius matching the Fibonacci sequence. I was really impressed with my 6th Graders, most of them were successful in completing the task (a few had circles that matched no pattern, but they had anyway). I was very impressed with their finished products.