Monday, 21 July 2014

Lesson Breaks and Transitions

Quick activities make great transitions between lessons or breaks for long sessions. I know I've found that kids can't be expected to sit and focus for an extended period of time (especially the younger they are).
During a long literacy session I will give a quick 3-5 minute break to my students. My year 2 students love activities where they get to get up and move. I've found that this small break then allows them to go back to tasks more settled and remain on task.

Some of the activities I like to do are:

  • Simon Says (reinforces positional language for maths, e.g: beside, on, next to, left and right)
  • Games such as Ship to Shore, Captains Coming, Relay races, Stuck in the mud.
  • Boggle (better for older grades). Here is a link to letter dice that work well on an Interactive Whiteboard
  • Grammar games. I like to play sit down stand up, students stand up when they hear a noun and sit down for all other words. I then say a mixture of words. This can be done for verbs, adjectives etc, simply make it relevant to what is in your program at the time.
  • Skip Counting activities
  • Dance breaks. Youtube has just dance videos for hundreds of pop songs. K-2 kids love the Gummy Bear Song/ Dance
  • Stretching and breathing exercises

Mrs Possum