Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Learning to Tell the Time

Over the weekend I spent hours trawling blogs and felt inspired to revamp my own classroom. One of the ideas I came across was to turn the boring classroom clock into a helpful (yet funky) tool for teaching kids how to tell the time.
Face it, learning to tell the time is tricky. This makes it so much easier.
The petals have the minutes past the hour on them, and the long leaf shows the minute hand, with the shorter leaf representing the hour hand. It was a simple yet creative idea, thought up by another teacher at some point in time.
So I spent last night making my own template and installed it today. The kids loved it! At times during the day I would stop and ask, "How many minutes past 10 is it?" Or, "How many what it the time now?"

I've put a template on TPT.


Mrs Possum

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