Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Integrating Technology into Behaviour Management

I have been hearing about a behaviour management tool/ website for some time now called Class Dojo. It wasn't until recently I realised how interactive and amazing this site is. Students go crazy for it and it is super easy to use.

As a teacher you create a class and add student names. Students are given a randomly selected avatar (very cute little monsters). Students can later select and change their avatars.

You can then award students points or dojos as reward for targeted behaviours. The great thing is, you can change the behaviours. So to suit the behaviour policy at my school, I added our core values and other behaviours such as hands and feet to self, listen etc. Points are accumulated and shown next to each students' name and avatar. As they are awarded the point, their name, the achieved behaviour and the point appear at the bottom.
Students keep track of their behaviour and can see their accomplishments on display. The best thing about Class Dojo is you can have it on more than one device. This is great as when you are doing reading groups or helping elsewhere, you can access dojo without having to move to the front of the room.
In my classroom, I keep it on the board using the smartboard and have it on an iPad simultaneously. I can give points from where ever I am. I can take it with me to the library, assembly, out to sport or on excursions. Class Dojo can also be installed on iPhone or android phones.
Another great function Class Dojo includes is the random button. By clicking this, a student will be selected at random, making a noise as it does this. If the selected student is on task, I reward them the dojo point. It is a good tool to keep students on task.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Other users of Class Dojo, let me know other uses you have for it too.

Mrs Possum

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