Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Reluctant Writers

Do your students groan when they hear the word writing? Try squiggle stories, the idea kept popping up as I trawled the internet and thought I'd see if my class liked it. Students are given a page with handwriting lines and a squiggle to change into a picture. It's great because they are encouraged to use their imagination and every story is different.

I first showed my class a Mr Squiggle clip off Youtube (a show I remember watching as a kid and being fascinated with). I then put a blank squiggle on the board using, my eBeam. I got the class to offer ideas as to what they saw the squiggle as. We then jointly constructed a story together. They then got to complete one independently. They were very excited and couldn't wait to start.


I now use this activity as an independent writing task on a weekly basis. The handwriting lines are great for those kids still learning to form their letters correctly. I've made a booklet of my own which includes more lines for those better writers who are capable of writing more.

Sguiggle Stories Booklet has 20 lined pages with set squiggles, plus a blank squiggle page. Get from TPT:

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